Mike Koen Realty and Property Management Services has been managing Jersey Shores finest properties for over 26 years.  Our commitment to excellence, honestly, transparency and most importantly communication are second to none.


These are just some of the services we offer:


  • Full property management & accounting with reports being available monthly.
  • 24 hour 7 day a week Emergency Service
  • Preparation of annual plan calendar with budget
  • Regular site inspections as well as contractor meetings.
  • Bid Specification Preparation on all maintenance projects
  • Solicitation of Contractor Bids by NJ Licensed Home Builder.


  • Bid analysis on all proposals
  • Contractor oversight by NJ licensed HUD Consultant.
  • Management of full site Common Areas with safety meetings.
  • Comprehensive record keeling for all management activities and repairs.
  • Recommendations for any preventative maintenance needs and improvements.

Financial Review 

  • Full financial software used for operations is Quickbooks Online Software.  
  • Budget Preparation with Board and or Budget Committee
  • Timely payment of all Association bills
  • Lock box security/collection of Association fees with A/R reports
  • Compliance with governing association docs
  • Audit Assistance


  • Computerized Monthly Financial Package
    • Budget vs. Actual variance comparison
    • P&L
    • Account Payable Listing
    • Delinquent Status With Follow Up
    • Balance Sheet